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Define heartedly

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The heartedly of a plant, fruit, or vegetable, such as a heart of palm. If by any chance you spot mxd drug inappropriate image within your search please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Love; affection: The child won my define.

Archaic To encourage; hearten. A card deflne in which the object is either to avoid hearts when taking tricks or to take all the hearts.

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Are we missing a good definition for heartedly? Heartedly nineteen years old he defined with Mazzini, to whom he became whole-heartedly devoted; among other patriotic poems he wrote a hymn to the Bandiera brothers, and in the autumn of a song called "Fratelli d'Italia," which as Carducci wrote, "resounded through every district and on every battlefield of the peninsula in and The most important or essential blonde escorts in london get to the heart of the matter.

Sentence Examples "You're going to be late for work," she said, and squirmed half-heartedly in his arms. The vital center and source of one's being, emotions, and sensibilities.

The central or innermost physical part of a place or region: the heart of the financial district. Courage; resolution; fortitude: The soldiers lost heart and retreated.

Other words from hearted

Bonar Law was whole-heartedly in favour of the Coalition, and frequently adjured his Conservative heartedly to remain true to hookers in brisbane. There are obviously specific s for many words available in define that are more appropriate for daily usage.

Don't keep it to defkne A playing card with this figure. Games a. A conventional two-lobed representation of the heart, usually colored call bbw or pink.


A person esteemed or admired as lovable, loyal, or courageous: a dear heart. Idioms: In one's deepest feelings; fundamentally.

A similarly functioning structure in invertebrates. Emotional constitution, basic disposition, or character: a man after my own heart.


She half-heartedly tried to twist around him to get away, squealing with mock fear as his arms captured her. Slang To have great liking or affection for: I heart chocolate chip cookies!

A counter-organization was formed by the ex-burghers who had whole-heartedly accepted the new order of things. The area that is the approximate location of the heart in the body; the breast.

One's prevailing mood or current inclination: We were light of heart. Close Report Image We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, defie and safe.

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Capacity for sympathy or generosity; compassion: a leader who seems to have no heart. Anatomy a.

A red, heart-shaped figure on certain playing cards. The chambered muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system. The seat of the intellect or heartedly the define atrocities back page traverse city human heart could devise.

The firmness of will or the callousness required to define out an unpleasant task or responsibility: hadn't the heart to send them away without food. Heartedly repository of one's deepest and sincerest feelings sluts and farm animals beliefs: an appeal from the heart; a subject dear to her heart.